Our Company. Our Core Values. Our Beliefs.

Ethics & Integrity

We believe it is essential to always conduct yourself in a professional manner and do what is ethically right. We believe in building trusting, long-term relationships based on the principals of honesty and loyalty.

Guest Focus

We strive to understand diverse guest needs. We consistently strive to exceed expectations. We promote guest loyalty and satisfaction through quality in all of our interactions, work processes, products and services.

Quality Of Life

We encourage team members to establish a balance of work, family, and social interests. We value bringing energy, enthusiasm and commitment to all aspects of our lives.

Teamwork & Engagement

We work together to deliver the ultimate spa experience and accomplish goals and objectives. We respect team ideas and value different styles, abilities and motivations.

Continuous Improvement

We are proactive, look for creative solutions, and fresh ideas to meet new challenges and opportunities. We promote teaching, helping others, and learning through shared effective practices and work experiences.

Communication & Respect

We strive to create a climate of effective, respectful, timely communication where people can share information about their work and are open to diverse perspectives. And to always respect the guests and the team.

Our Founder & CEO, Mary Chau

Mary Chau, M.C. Spa Franchise, LLC.Mary Chau is the youngest child in a family of nine children. She was born in Da Nang, Vietnam.

When the war ended in 1975, the Vietnamese people were plunged into poverty, struggling to have enough food to survive, especially families who were living in the cities. Mary’s family was also among these destitute families. Mary’s father was thrown into prison and was accused of rebelling against the Communist regime in Vietnam. Mary’s father remained in prison and eventually died at home only after a few months being released; her mother was physically fragile; and Mary’s older siblings were not able to find work because they lived in the South, which was controlled by the government from the North.

When Mary was twelve years old, she had to sell tea in the streets and at the bus stops to earn some money to assist her mother. Since then, this life experience became the seed that planted the first vision of business in the mind of the young child Mary.

When Mary turned 21, her mother tried to find a way to help Mary escape Vietnam, fleeing from the impoverished life through a small fishing boat. Wandering at sea for 27 days in the South China Sea, the small boat encountered many horrible and deadly storms. The boat’s engine broke leading the boat to drift itself to Hai Nam Island in China. Without water and without food, the people on the boat starved, and death was at their side. However, they were in luck; the people on the island gave them water and food, and they continued their journey on their boat to Hong Kong. Mary and her group stayed in a refugee camp in Hong Kong for six months (1986), and then they were transferred to another refugee camp in the Philippines for another 6 months (1986). After waiting for a long time, Mary was finally able to set her foot in the United States in 1987.

Living in a new environment for the first few days in the United States without family, Mary immediately began to find work in the United States. Her first job was sewing clothes at various sewing factories. Mary would catch the bus to work every day. The money made from her first paycheck was sent home to Vietnam to help her mother and siblings. Afterward, Mary found a job at a nail salon. She would drive to work in a used car from Westminster to Beverly Hills, California every day. At this time, the nail salon business just emerged and was popular among the Vietnamese community.

In 1991, Mary opened her first nail salon from the money she had saved after four years of hard work. Her first nail salon business was located in Huntington Beach, California with the name Sea Nails, which derived from the beach cities in California.

In 1992, Mary married her husband Andy Chau. They decided to sell Sea Nails and relocated in Orlando, Florida. Here Mary worked at a nail salon owned by someone else, and Andy published a monthly magazine among the Vietnamese community residing in Orlando. After a few months in Orlando, Mary opened her first nail salon in Orlando at: 4913 East Colonial Drive Orlando, Florida 32803. The nail salon was called “Magic” after Magic Kingdom and Orlando Magic Basketball.

With her zeal for business and her dedicated fervor, between 1992-to-2006, Mary opened 25 nail salons with the name Magic Nails. The first nail salon was 800 square foot to a 3,400 square foot nail salon at The Mall at Millenia. Mary began with a small accomplishment that eventually led to an incredible huge success beyond her vision. Mary managed more than 250 employees and a chain of Magic Nails where she was the owner and CEO.

With the guideline of serving her clients with a reasonable price, Mary uses professional techniques to please her clients. Mary brought to the City of Orlando a new wave to the nail business, which is, to create for all her clients opportunities to have beautiful nails done at a reasonable price that works for everyone from every social status, including the wealthy and those with little money. Magic Nails became well known and preferred by the residents in Orlando and other surrounding cities.

In 2008, the economy began to regress and weaken. Mary had envisioned that the nail business would not thrive if it is managed and administered in the old way by family. Mary predicted what eventually happened. She sold all of her Magic Nails businesses, and kept only two nail salons located on Dr. Phillips and Windermere Ocoee. From these two nail salons, Mary began to upgrade her business that includes spa treatments. She named the new upgraded business M.C. Spa, which derives from the first letters of her name Mary Chau.

M.C. Spa includes not only the nails salon, but other services, such as massages, facials, reflexology and waxing in order to include men as clients, since only women were clients when only the nails business was available. Mary transformed her nail salon business 100% in the method of service in both the nail and spa; her clients not only become more conscious of feeling beautiful about themselves, but they are also relieved of stress in their life through M.C. Spa’s body and reflexology massage.

Besides aiming at providing her clients with the best service, Mary also focuses on the methods of administration, how to coordinate the service relationship between the clients and her employees at M.C. Spa. In addition, Mary introduced the membership program with affordable price, which everyone can join and feel good about. M.C. Spa aims at providing a five-star professional service and a friendly environment. M.C. Spa is also known as Your Neighborhood Spa or High Quality and Affordable Price.

M.C. Spa is patronized by many clients who come regularly to M.C. Spa for service. Its membership program has grown from 100 clients to 10,000 clients locally.

Recognizing the successes that came from her own vision and creation, Mary wanted to share her concept and was determined to transform M.C. Spa into M.C. Spa Franchise for those who have a passion for this beauty business and who want to become owners of M.C. Spa throughout the United States.

With her many years of experience in the business administration and management and her perseverance and resilience in the struggles of her childhood and early adulthood, Mary has indeed believed in herself and her ability to introduce M.C. Spa to the people.