M.C. Nail Bar® Franchise Investment Details

Business Location Size

All M.C. Nail Bar® locations must be at least 1,500 sq ft.

Total Investment

The total investment is estimated at $100 sq ft – $120/sq ft to open your M.C. Nail Bar® location

Turnaround Time

It typically takes 3 – 5 months to open a new M.C. Nail Bar location® and 2 – 4 months to convert an existing location

Franchise Fee

The franchise fee is $35,000 for new M.C. Nail Bar® locations and $25,000 for conversions.

Net Worth Requirement

A minimum net worth of $225,000 for financial approval to open a M.C. Nail Bar® location

Additional Fees

5% of gross sales must be paid to the franchisor weekly as a royalty fee and 2% of gross sales must be used towards local marketing.